25 July 2014

The Išanian Writing System

Just as a sample, the first verse of Nalija and Melin:

litiknarjoli hul hætukla onepalla oitmapa mi juseper pahoitmauper ælau

16 July 2014

The Language of Iša

In an attempt to give some more breadth to 'Nalija and Melin', the epic poem I'm writing, I've been working on an artistic conlang I call Old Išanian, so named after the city of Iša, where the epic takes place. Within the context of this world Old Išanian was the language spoken by the characters in the epic and the language in which the poem was first composed. Eventually it split into several dialects, one of them evolving into New Išanian, the language of the inhabitants of Iša some one thousand years after the events of the epic. This is the language which provides the basis for my 'translation' of this fictional work.

The first verse of 'Nalija and Melin' in Old Išanian:

litíknarjóli húl hætúkla ónepálla oitmápa mí juséper páhoitmaúper ǽlau
'Hear now!, O miserable souls, as I sing you of great desolation.'